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#stopthespread with health awareness

In these times of doubt, we're all looking for ways to help support each other. That's why we’ve designed a number of templates to help you create and share well-informed health and safety announcements from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Whether you want a step by step guide to washing your hands above the sink or information on how to greet someone other than a handshake on display in reception, we’ve got you covered.

Create Awareness


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How to make your own health awareness poster

Posters are a quick and easy way to share information and instructions, they are especially useful when we’re all navigating through this difficult time. Follow these simple steps on creating your own health awareness poster.

1. Choose from our health awareness poster templates

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2. Add graphic elements and tweak the colors to your design

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3. Download your poster and #stopthespread

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The choice is yours

Browse through our poster templates for ideas on keeping yourself and those around you safe. Together we can #stopthespread.

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