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Helpful Tips from Our Clients for Our Clients

Here are some ways you can utilize your SpotOn platform to get through these hard times and position yourself for a successful future.

These are painfully difficult times that we are all going through, and the SpotOn team is doing everything in our power to help you and your business weather the storm. We’ve made all of our software products available, free of charge, through July 1. Whether that means utilizing Online Ordering because your restaurant can’t have dine-in, integrating Appointments software so people don’t need to sit and wait, building a Loyalty program focused on these next few months, or creating a Website so people can interact with you digitally, we’re making all of that available. We also are offering 100 free gift cards to any client so that you can encourage your customers to support your business during this time and redeem later. There isn’t a one-size fits-all solution—these are unprecedented times, but together we’ll rise to the challenge. 

Probably most important, we want to make sure you know about all the tools available to you within your SpotOn Dashboard, and how to best utilize them right now. These will help you communicate with your clients—even if they’re not walking in. 

Communicate with Your Customers

During these uncertain times, it’s crucial that you let your customers know what changes you are implementing at your business, utilizing these 3 primary channels:

1. Send an Email to Customers quickly and easily using one of our ready-to-go COVID-19 templates right from your SpotOn dashboard.

Image from iOS (3)-1

Make sure to include the following details in your email:
  1. What measures you are taking to protect your employees and your customers during the COVID-19 outbreak (If you need guidance on best practices, visit the CDC’s “Resources for Business and Employers” here
  2. What changes to your business hours you are implementing, if any
  3. If you are limited to only take-out, delivery, online orders, phone orders, etc.
  4. How they can purchase gift cards from you
  5. Any limited-time deals or special loyalty rewards you are offering

How to Send a Marketing Email
Click to watch how easy marketing emails are with SpotOn

2. Post on Social Media with the same key information as your email. If you have connected your Facebook business page to your SpotOn dashboard, you can send deals and other campaigns right from your dashboard. Feedback we’ve gotten from clients is that engagement through social platforms such as Facebook is through the roof right now.

3. Update Your Website with details on how customers can continue to patronize your business. For example, if you are only taking phone orders, or online orders, make sure to alert customers with the correct contact information right there on your home page.

  • If your website is hosted by SpotOn, we can help. Simply contact us at website@spoton.com with the edits you want made.
  • If you want SpotOn to build you a new website, contact us at website@spoton.com and our team will reach out to you ASAP to expedite your custom website build.

Get Creative with Take-Out, Delivery, Phone Orders, etc.

While many cities and states have placed restrictions on businesses and consumers, it’s important to remember that your customers still need to purchase products and services, and they want to support local businesses. Your SpotOn Dashboard has many built-in tools to help you connect with your customers and create alternative revenue sources, such as offering take-out, delivery, curb-side pickup, and phone/email orders.

SpotOn Mobile

    • Utilize the Virtual Terminal built in to your SpotOn Dashboard to process customer payments for phone and email orders.
    • Download SpotOn Mobile, our free payments app, to run transactions right from your phone for deliveries or curb-side pickup. If you want to add a Bluetooth card reader, contact us at covid19@spoton.com.
    • If you are in the food & beverage industry, make sure to utilize integrated Online Ordering on your website so customers can easily place orders online. If you do not already have Online Ordering, please use the appropriate link below to contact our Restaurant Support Team so we can get you set up ASAP

Utilize Social Media to Build Community Support

Utilizing social media is a great way to reach a broader audience and let customers know how they can connect with your business. SpotOn wants to help! Use the hashtag #StandUpforSmallBusiness in your posts and we will share as many as possible across our social media channels to amplify your message.

Instagram Update

Additionally, we want you to send us pictures of the creative solutions you’re incorporating at your business to get through this uncertain time. Email your photo(s), your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and a short description of your creative solution to running your businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak to marketing@spoton.com and we’ll share it with our followers.

Sell Gift Cards

Selling gift cards gives your business an instant infusion of cash while giving your customers a reason to come back and visit as soon as the coronavirus outbreak passes. Utilize the Virtual Terminal built into your SpotOn Dashboard to run gift card purchases over the phone or email, and then either mail physical gift cards to customers (if you have them), or email a confirmation to customers with their gift card purchase amount to function as a digital gift card voucher. The Virtual Terminal stores your entire transaction history within your SpotOn Dashboard so you can always go back and confirm amounts later.

SpotOn Gift Cards

Also, consider a promotion where you give back a small percentage of your gift card sales to a local charitable organization or directly to your staff, so as to help create good will within your community and hopefully sell more gift cards.

Create Deals as Incentives and Leverage Your Digital Loyalty Program

Customers will be looking for ways to save money now more than ever, so make sure to create incentives for them to do business with you right. Your SpotOn platform makes it easy to do just that by sending limited time deals and creating special loyalty rewards.

1. Create a Limited-Time Deal quickly and easily right from your SpotOn dashboard, and deliver it to customers via email, Facebook, and the SpotOn Consumer mobile app : 

2. Create Special Loyalty Rewards that customers can earn for ordering online, placing phone or email orders, or purchasing gift cards. For instructions on how to convert these types of orders into loyalty customers, read our article, “How to Convert Phone Orders into Loyalty Customers.”

  • If you do not have SpotOn Loyalty, and would like to add it, please contact our team at covid19@spoton.com 


It’s important to continue protecting your online reputation during this time. Your SpotOn platform will automatically alert you to any new reviews that are posted on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook.
SpotOn Reviews
Additionally, we recommend you take the following actions to keep your customers informed about changes in the near-term while also ensuring new customers continued to discover your business in the long-term:
  • Update your Yelp profile with any changes to your hours and services 
  • Post an update on your Google My Business page
  • Ask customers to leave reviews on their favorite review sites
  • *Your SpotOn platform will automatically encourage customers to leave reviews after they redeem a deal or loyalty reward

Please know that SpotOn is here to assist our community of business partners in every way we can. If you need assistance implementing any of the actions above, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@spoton.com. When we say your business is our business, we genuinely mean it.