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What SpotOn Is Doing to Help Existing and New Clients

Please know that SpotOn is here to support you in every way we can.

These are uncertain times and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is likely having a major impact on your life and your business. As a member of the SpotOn community, please know that we are here to support you in every way we can. SpotOn will be taking the following actions:

For Existing Clients:

  • Any client who processes less than $5,000 in March will not be billed the $25 platform fee on April 1st.
  • Any payments client who has SpotOn Website, Appointments, or Loyalty will not be billed for their software April 1st.

For Existing Restaurant Clients

To get started, we are waiving your point-of-sale software fees for the next month. Therefore, SpotOn will not be charging you on April 1st for your monthly payment on SpotOn Restaurant (credit card fees still apply).

In addition, our SpotOn Restaurant Support team is at the ready to help you implement off-premise dining options so you can continue to earn revenue and better serve your customers:
  • Our team is on standby to get you set up with our integrated Online Ordering (if you do not already have these capabilities on your website). Additionally, we are waiving the setup fee, as well as the monthly fee for Online Ordering until January 2021.
  • If you need a way to accept payments from your mobile phone so as to offer curbside pickup to your customers, we will send you a free SpotOn Mobile card reader.

Please click here to get set up for Online Ordering and/or request a free SpotOn Mobile card reader.

For new clients that partner with SpotOn:

  • The $25 platform fee will be waived until July 1st.
  • The software fee for any payments client who has SpotOn Loyalty, Website, and Appointments will be waived until July 1st.
  • All setup and monthly fees for Online Ordering for new SpotOn Restaurant clients will be waived until January 2021.